Antiques Road Trip star Philip Serrell shares rare snap of daughter 

The presenter shared a snap of her as a toddler

Emmy Griffiths

Antiques Road Trip star Philip Serrell recently wished his daughter Clementine a very happy birthday with a sweet photo posted on Twitter.

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Sharing a throwback of Clementine when she was a toddler alongside a recent snap of her smiling to the camera on 22 November, he wrote: "Happy Birthday @clemserrell xx." 

Phillip wished his daughter a happy birthday

According to her Twitter, Clementine is a qualified personal trainer and loves baking cakes as well as rugby, cars, art and breakfast. 

She made headlines back in 2016 after she and her father spoke about her eating disorder. At the time, Phillip shared a photo of her from 2012 during the height of her illness in comparison to a recent photo, where she looked healthy. 

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Philip previously opened up about his daughter

He wrote: "Anorexic daughter on left four years ago and today's version. I know it's as boring as hell but v proud of @clemserrell." He also told the MailOnline: "As a dad, it's been very difficult, I've found it very hard to understand. I've spent 62 years enjoying eating and it's very hard not to say, 'Just eat, it's easy.'

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"But Clementine has come through this on her own and I know she'd love to help others who are in a similar situation. Christmas is a very difficult time of year because people suffering with anorexia get booze and food shoved at them - and that's very hard to deal with." 

Clementine has opened up about her experiences

She has since spoken about it on Instagram, saying: "My life right now could not be more different from my life in 2012. In that year, I didn't really have a life, I just existed. I was so desperately unhappy, you can see it in my eyes. I was tired, tired of being unhappy and tired of not knowing how to get out of it. 

"Recovery is long and slow and sometimes it feels like you're going backwards, sometimes you question it but every little step, is still a step." 

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