Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey return for Enchanted sequel: everything we know so far 

Giselle is back!

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It seems wild that it has been 14 years since we were first introduced to Amy Adams' adorable Giselle and her adventure in New York City - but after years and years of waiting, it looks like the sequel, Disenchantedis finally happening! Here's everything we know so far...

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When will Disenchanted be out? 

Disney+ has confirmed that the sequel will be released on the new streaming service back in December, tweeting: "Disenchanted, a sequel to the hit film Enchanted, will stream exclusively on @DisneyPlus. Amy Adams returns for more fantastical fun as Giselle!" 

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While the release date has not been confirmed, the sequel sounds like it has finally hit the ground running after spending several years working on the music and script. 

Who will be in the Disenchanted cast?

Both Amy and her co-star, Patrick Dempsey, have signed on to return as Giselle and Robert. We can't only hope that James Marsden will be back at his iconic Prince Philip too! Speaking about the film on The Graham Norton Show back in 2016, Amy said: "They've got a director and they are developing a script. I'm hoping I am in it. I'm not going to let anyone else play Giselle!"


Amy and Patrick will return to play Giselle and Robert respectively

Speaking on Good Morning America about the sequel in January, Patrick said: "I just got this script for the second movie, and then I'm starting to go through and get notes together." Exciting! 

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What will Disenchanted be about?

The official synopsis reads: "The story is set ten years after Enchanted, with Giselle questioning her happily ever after, and accidentally triggering events that make everyone’s lives turn upside-down in both the real world and in the animated kingdom of Andalasia." 


Are you looking forward to the sequel?

So what has taken the sequel so long? 

The director, Adam Shankman, previously told Collider: "It's been in development for a long time, but remember, in the midst of it, there was a big regime change, and a lot of stuff around the studio, figuring out what was important to Disney and how many movies they were going to make a year.


Patrick recently signed onto the second film

"There were some big movies that they were right to make, right out of the gate. Their track record is impenetrable. Making a movie over there is very exciting because they do not feel the need to put anything into production until they feel like they have it completely right."

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