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Disappointing news for Chicago Fire and PD fans revealed

There will be no new episodes on Wednesday 14 April

Disappointing news for Chicago Fire and PD fans revealed

Bad news One Chicago fans - there will be no new episodes on Wednesday 14 April.

The NBC franchise will not air this week due to ongoing coronavirus pandemic forcing the network to alter the number of episodes a season may be able to film.

It is not yet clear how many episodes Chicago Fire, P.D., or Med will have in their current seasons although it is expected that they will be shorter than the usual 22-episode run.

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NBC has therefore chosen to break up the season regularly to ensure the series runs through to the end of May.

Fans will be treated to repeats on 14 April but the hit franchise is expected to return on 21 April.

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The series launched in 2012 with Chicago Fire.

chicago fire

Taylor Kinney and Jesse Spencer star in Chicago Fire

Chicago P.D. came next and the franchise now also includes Chicago Med. Launched by Dick Wolf - the man behind the Law & Order franchise - it follows the professional and private lives of the firefighters, police officers, emergency medical personnel, and legal professionals who serve the city of Chicago.

Chicago Fire stars Taylor Kinney and former Neighbours star Jesse Spencer, while Jason Beghe and Jesse Lee Soffer appear in P.D.

Nick Gehlfuss and Yaya DaCosta lead Med.

chicago med

Yaya DaCosta leads Med

Last week's episode of P.D saw Hailey Upton open up to Jay Halstead on exactly why she had been shutting him down ever since his "I love you."

After weeks of will-they-won't-they, episode 11 of season eight saw the focus shift to Hailey as she attempted to find a missing family with a "troubled" relationship - prompting her to contemplate her own tumultuous family issues.

By the end of the episode, Jay was still there and willing to hear why those three little words had left such a sour mood on her.

chicago pd

Jay and Hailey have a will-they-won't-they relationship on PD

"I think Jay is Hailey’s world in a big way," star Tracy Spiridakos revealed.

"This episode brought up her fears of losing him because she feels there’s a part of her that is broken and in the past when guys see that side, they leave.

"But Jay stayed and I don’t think Hailey’s ever had someone stay after they've seen that fragile side of her. I almost feel like this is her first real love story."

One Chicago airs on Wednesday's on NBC from 8/7c

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