Meet the cast of BBC's Ghosts

Meet the famous faces behind BBC's most loveable gang of ghosts here

Ghosts season three is finally here! The popular BBC comedy follows cash-strapped couple Alison and Mike, who think that their dreams have come true after inheriting a gorgeous country house. 

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The downside is that a group of disgruntled ghosts who live there - who will stop at nothing to stop their beloved home being turned into a hotel. So who is who in the show? Find out here... 

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Charlotte Ritchie - Alison Cooper 

You may recognise Charlotte from Call the Midwife and Fresh Meat, as well as Doctor Who! Speaking about playing Alison in Ghosts, she said: "I loved this comedy from the moment I read it, so I felt like whatever happened, I thought it was a great show but I was so relieved and chuffed when so many people liked it but also particularly people with so many different comic sensibilities."

Kiell Smith-Bynoe - Mike Cooper 

Kiell plays Alison's hapless hubby Mike, and is well known for previously starring as Dean in Stath Lets Flats, Britain Today Tonight and Man Like Mobeen. Chatting about the positive response to the series, he said: "I was mostly surprised by the older couples who have approached me.

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"I have only been approached a few times by people in the street but it was always older couples that had been watching it with their families. "There was a really nice story a lady told me about how it was the only time that all of her family would sit down and watch TV together was to watch Ghosts on Monday nights. Things like that are really nice to hear." Aw, how lovely!

Mathew Baynton - Thomas Thorne 

Mathew has previously starred in Gavin and Stacey and The Wrong Mans, as well as Horrible Histories. Speaking about his tragically romantic character, he said: "The very first idea was basically a peeping Tom and there is one little element of that which we kept in the first episode but it felt much more multi-faceted and naïve to make Thomas more about a romantic idea that he is deeply in love with the lady of the house, than just fancying someone and peeping." 

Lolly Adefope - Kitty

Lolly stars as the adorable Kitty. The actress is best known for her work in comedy, and has appeared in Plebs, Sick Note, The Last Leg and QI. Speaking about the role, Lolly explained: "Originally when we first started discussing her the joke was that she was going to be really stupid and I didn’t know how I felt about that. I thought it would be funnier and nicer if she was very sweet. 

"There is something quite amusing about someone who is relentlessly positive and wants to be everyone’s friend in a cynical world. She is young and naïve but she is less stupid and more sheltered and sees the good in people, which is a very inspiring trait."

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Jim Howick - Pat

Jim plays the optimistic scout leader, Pat. Speaking about his loveable role, Jim said: "I share some similarities with Pat. We definitely run the same. But also Pat is someone who tries to see the good in everyone and in the same sense, I can never really tell when someone is being [rude] to me until it’s too late." Jim has previously starred in Peep Show as Mark's friend and love rival Gerard, as well as Inside No. 9 and Sex Education.  

Simon Farnaby - Julian

Simon plays the disgraced politician Julian - but did you also know that he co-wrote Paddington 2? Legend! He has also starred in Detectorists and Yonderland. 

Speaking about how much he enjoys playing Julian, he said: "There are no filters on Julian; he is not worried about offending anyone. These days everyone is quite easily offended, especially with social media, and so you have to be very careful about what you say. Julian is from an age where he feels like he can say what he wants and doesn’t mind if he offends anyone, he has his opinions and he is sticking to them and he doesn’t really care what anyone thinks." 

Martha Howe-Douglas - Lady Button

Martha has starred in Yonderland, EastEnders and The Armstrong and Miller Show. Speaking about the show, she said: "We don’t take anything for granted, we know we are so lucky to be in the position that we are, that people still want us to work together because it is what we want. You can’t rest on your laurels." 

Ben Willbond - The Captain

Ben has previously starred in Good Omens, Inside No. 9 and Bill, but was in the army before pursuing acting, just like the Captain! He explained: "I was actually about to join the army when I was 22, so I went through all of that training and I had a very military upbringing so I am used to things like The Captain’s uniform and all of these weird details that I think are normal but others think are weird because I grew up around it. I was in every single kind of cadet force. However, I was told quite quickly I didn’t belong there. I think it would have been a mistake." 

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