Everything you need to know about Jodie Whittaker's family

The actress recently announced she is expecting her second child

Jodie Whittaker is the star on Who Do You Think You Are? this week. Although the episode was previously aired in 2020, fans who missed out on the Doctor Who star's family discoveries the first time can catch it on BBC One on Wednesday evening.

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The actress appeared on the popular genealogy show to find out more about her ancestral history. Before watching, find out more about her immediate family below…

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Who is Jodie Whittaker's husband?

Jodie is married to fellow actor Christian Contreras. The pair met at drama school and tied the knot in 2008. Christian has previously starred in Zero Dark Thirty, The Fifth Estate and Fury.

Speaking about their relationship, she previously told the Mirror: "He's from Tucson and I'm from Huddersfield. But I don't divulge stuff about him, because I don't think he'd appreciate it when he's not here to speak for himself. We do get comments like, 'Where the hell did you two meet?' We’re like an international couple."

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She previously said: "I felt really young when I got married at just 26, especially living and working somewhere as fast-paced as London - where you can't even plan for the next week, let alone commit to something for the rest of your life. But I'm a good wife, though I think I’m a bit rubbish at home comforts."

Does Jodie Whittaker have children?

Yes! Jodie and Christian share their daughter who they welcomed back in 2015. The pair keep their family life away from the spotlight and prefer to live a more public life, however, Jodie did reveal she was expecting their second child in February 2022 during her appearance at the Brit Awards.

The actress took to the stage to present an award alongside fellow TV star Vicky McClure, and many picked up on the star's growing baby bump. The 39-year-old did not reveal her due date, but we're sending her a big congratulations!


What will Who Do You Think You Are? reveal about Jodie Whittaker's family?

The popular series will look at Jodie's family from her father's side, and uncover a romantic story about how her paternal grandmother Greta came to be given the middle name of 'Verdun' - also the name of a First World War battle.

The synopsis reads: "The truth Jodie uncovers about Greta’s eldest half-brother’s forgotten sacrifice is even more poignant than the family myth. On her mum’s side, Jodie gets to the bottom of how her great-great-grandfather worked his way up from child labourer in a Yorkshire coal mine to mine owner - and how, controversially, his sons kept the family’s mines open during the biggest strikes of the 1920s."

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