Boost those eyebrows with Bobbi Brown

Let make-up artist Bobbi Brown work her magic on your eyebrows!

If they are perfect, we barely notice them. But the moment they're not identical, they can completely ruin our face.

Eyebrows play a key part when it comes to getting the 'look'. That's why world renowned make-up artist Bobbi Brown summarises in seven short steps what to do to make the most of your eyebrows.



 - Filling in is an essential step when putting on make-up, since they frame the face and give it strength. They should be filled in immediately after applying loose powder.

- Bobbi doesn’t recommend changing the natural shape of the eyebrows. Every woman was born with eyebrows that she must respect, and she should follow their natural form.

- Choose an eye shadow closest in shade to the natural color of the eyebrows.

- To fill in the eyebrows, Bobbi recommends using her Brow Brush, with a hard and angled brush head. 

- The result is more natural if you first eliminate the excess of eye shadow on the back of your hand.

- Based on her experience, it's best to always start with the inner end of the eyebrow, with short strokes to perfectly mimic the look of the hair. Keep the natural shape of the eyebrows, creating an arc.

- In the case of very thin eyebrows and few hairs, use the extra thin brush Eye Liner by Bobbi Brown (you can retouch them with Bobbi’s new signature Eyebrow Pencil).

Expert trick: Stand a few meters away from the mirror to appreciate the results. If the eyebrows stand out too much, you can soften  them with loose powder.