Jessie J's fans attempt to recreate her Saturday night style

Her sharp wit and bubbly personality have captured the interest of the nation.

But that’s not the only thing that has got people talking since Jessie J began her stint as judge on BBC show The Voice.

The popstar’s unique look has been internationally praised — and now fans are even starting to attempt to recreate it.


Research released by shows that since the hit show launched last month, sales of black mascara, bold lipstick, eyeliner and leopard print have shot up by 91% as fans of the show look to recreate the popstar’s trademark look.

Rebecca Elderfield, style director for the website said: “It’s clear that the show is a massive hit and we’ve seen a sharp increase in sales of a number of Jessie J inspired items since it launched.”

The Jessie J Sales Increase League Table:

1. Black mascara

2. Black nail polish

3. Bodycon dresses

4. Hair straighteners

5. Black eye liner