Cheryl Cole's rose tattoo 'cost thousands'

Cheryl Cole has opened up about her sprawling rose tattoo, revealing that it cost thousands of pounds.

"It was in the thousands, probably the cost of a small car," Cheryl Colerevealed during an appearance on the Graham Norton Show this week.

"He's [Nikko Hurtado] an exceptional artist and he was worth it."


Cheryl Cole revealed her sprawling rose tattoo cost thousands

The former Girls Aloud star revealed that she made the decision to have the tattoo after contracting malaria.

"After I had malaria I created a 'list' because life's too short and the tattoo was on the list," she said.

Cheryl is returning to the X Factor this year. Speaking about reprising her role on the judging panel, Cheryl revealed that it took "a lot of grovelling" from Simon Cowell to get her back on board.


Cheryl described Nikki Hurtado as an "exceptional artist"

She also opened up about her relationship with fellow judge Louis Walsh, describing it as "frosty".

When asked by Graham if things were "off" between them, she responded: "They were never on".

She added: "It feels like I've never been away."

Her new album Only Human comes after a 12-month hiatus. "I was exhausted," she explained. "I'd had a solo tour and then toured with Girls Aloud. It was the first time off I'd had in 10 years – it was a normal time."