Is losing weight fast effective?

Many were shocked to hear recently that losing weight quickly has proven to be more effective than shedding the pounds steadily over a longer period of time.

The news came from results of a survey from the world's leading general medical journal, The Lancet, which found that people who followed a short, extremely calorie-restricted diet were more likely to hit their long-term weight loss goals compared to somebody following a more moderate plan.

In a bid to shed light on the controversial results, HELLO! Fashion contacted the British Dietetic Association, who said there is "no quick fix" when it comes to weight loss...


"There is a great difference between losing weight fast versus slow," they explained.

"When people lose weight quickly, it can be very deceiving as it tends to be water weight they lose, rather than actual fat."

In terms of the science behind the water weight loss, they continued: "When people follow fad diets, they tend to have so little calories that the body has to use its glucose stores from the liver, which is stored in a large amount of water.

"As this glucose store is used the water that it was stored in is released via urine and gives the impression of weight loss on the scales."

But this water weight loss is, apparently, no more than a short-term result. "Once that person starts to eat normally again, the water and glucose store will build back up, giving the illusion of weight gain."

As for what we should aim for when it comes to weight loss, they advise that you look at how long it took you to pile on the pounds that you want to lose.

"A good estimate to how long it could take for someone to lose weight and keep it off is roughly half the time it took them to gain it," they said.

"So if someone gained weight over three years, it can take a year and a half to lose weight and maintain the loss."

As for mindset, they believe fast weight loss is not a sustainable option.

"What we find is if people lose weight at the recommended healthy rate of 1-2lbs per week, they are more likely to have made lifelong healthy changes to their diet and lifestyles, which means they are more likely to keep the weight off compared to someone who has been following a 'diet'.

"There is no quick fix we're afraid!"

What do you think about fast vs slow weight loss? We'd love to hear your thoughts – leave the comments in the box below.

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