Top tips on how to apply fake tan

A bronzed glow is all-important when it comes to party season.

You’ve put all your effort into finding the ultimate party dress and grooming yourself to perfection – now it's time to finish off the look with a golden tan.

To help achieve a flawless finish, St.Tropez Tanning Expert and official Strictly Come Dancing Tanner Jules Heptonstall gives his top tips and tricks...


"As the spray tanner on Strictly Come Dancing for the past 3 years running, I know how to get gorgeous golden skin that sits well with sparkles, so sit back and enjoy these party tan tips - trust me… I’m your tanner.

First things first – prep. If you're waxing or shaving, ensure this is carried out 24 hours before your tan application so that the skin has calmed and any leftover wax has been removed. Always ensure you exfoliate with St. Tropez Tan Optimiser Body Polish prior to tan application, this removes dead skin cells, left over tan and ensures an even skin surface – and thus a uniform result colour. Pay special attention to your hands, elbows, knees and feet as these dry areas tend to absorb tan the most.

Before you apply any self tan, moisturise your dry areas with St. Tropez Tan Optimiser Moisturiser – this is rich in aloe vera (the secret ingredient for perfect tanning) and stops the tan from going too dark in key areas. Add some to your hands, elbows, knees and feet and if you have gorgeous fair hair – put some on your eye brows and on your hairline. Make sure your nails are moisturised too.

Shake the St. Tropez Self Tan Luxe Dry Oil to activate the ingredients and infuse the shimmer. Take your tanning mitt, put it on your hand and tap the open oil bottle on the mitt so it begins to absorb product. Don’t be shy with the oil, the more on the mitt the better. Sweep over your body starting from your ankles and working your way up, using the shimmer as a guide. Don’t worry if you overlap and area twice, it’ll minimise the chance of streaks. For your back, turn your mitt back to front on your hand, it’ll make it easier to reach all over.

Once you’ve applied to your body, mix a few drops of oil with the moisturiser on the mitt and sweep over the face. Take a buffing mitt and rub around your hairline to blend the colour. Put your hands in a claw and sweep the mitt over, then sweep around the feet in the shape of a sports sock and finish. Take a wipe and remove the oil from your palms, nails and inbetween your fingers. You may want to buff some moisturiser to your inner wrist to blend the colour from your palm and forearm. What I love about the oil is the shimmer – this means you can literally wear the tan out immediately and enjoy that glossy sheen on the skin. It’s good to note that the tan takes 8-12 hours to fully develop but gives gorgeous golden and hydrated skin that lasts for up to 7 days.

To create a 4D finish, run some bronzer underneath your jawline, in between your bust and either side of your collarbone to create a shaded contour. Take a make-up sponge and press St. Tropez Gold Illuminator onto your collarbones to give a light reflecting décolletage."

You will need:

1. St. Tropez Body Polish
2. St. Tropez Self Tan Oil
3. St. Tropez Aloe Vera Moisturiser
4. St. Tropez Tan Applicator Mitt
5. St. Tropez Buffing Mitt