Jennifer Aniston's former diet coach reveals top fitness tips

From Jennifer Aniston to Demi Moore, nutrition and diet coach Valérie Orsoni has worked with some of Hollywood's biggest names, who turn to her for her world famous weight loss and detox programme, Le Bootcamp Diet.

Once 70lbs overweight, Valérie became determined to get in shape and tried over 40 different diets, from high protein to eating only pineapple. Nowadays she is a much healthier weight and trains with some of the biggest names in showbusiness. "People have actually nicknamed me the Fad Diet Cop!" she told HELLO! Fashion exclusively.

As her new book launches, Valérie reveals the top tips she discovered for successfully shedding those extra pounds, and what she really thinks about juice cleanses.

Scroll below for Valérie's top tips for getting healthy in 2015…


Valérie Orsoni tried over 40 diets in a bid to lose weight

Don't go crazily overboard for your January detox

If you detox too aggressively, you send your body into shock and it ends up producing more toxins, so it's counter-productive. Instead, eat about 5 detox foods per day, such as bananas, garlic, grapefruit, prunes, beetroots or watercress. These will detoxify your body gently, it will be healthier and so you will lose weight quicker.

Make sure you sweat

Whether it's an hour of cardio per day, or sitting in a sauna or steam room, anything that has you sweating will eliminate more toxins. Nowadays we suffer from high levels of stress, eat poorly and don't sleep enough, so our body isn't equipped to resist the enormous quantities of toxins. That's why it's paramount to support natural detoxing features of our bodies, such as sweating.

Eat bananas

When I was 70lbs overweight, bananas were forbidden. But when I started to study dieting, I realised they're actually really healthy for us. Not only are they detoxifying, but they're not fattening.

Avoid juice cleanse diets

They're not sustainable, and peak of sugar in your blood during a juice cleanse isn't healthy. If you want to do a juice fast, do one in the morning before work. Don't have breakfast, instead replace it with a kale, pear, kiwi and banana juice. It's filling and you still get the feeling of a detox, and it's only for one meal a day. Three juices a day just isn't equivalent to three healthy meals.

jennifer aniston

Valérie has worked with celebrity clients including Jennifer Aniston and Demi Moore

Be active when you're not exercising

If you're on the phone, try walking around. Contract your glutes if you're not walking, or when you brush your teeth. Work your ab muscles at your desk without leaving your chair. I think over the past decade we've started to disconnect life and fitness – we sit all day long, drive to a gym, exercise in a box, and go back to sitting. A lot of my celebrity clients prefer to bring fitness into their lives. At first you have to think about it, but after three weeks, you will be surprised. You won't even think about it anymore.

The gym is not the only thing you can do

Use YouTube – it's an amazing source for free fitness classes. Invite your friends over and do little sessions at home. If it's cold and you don't want to be outdoors, head to an indoor swimming pool, or sign up for dance classes.

Be patient for results to show

I work with my clients for about six months, because that's how long on average that it takes for someone to establish a new lifestyle. Sometimes my clients come to me a few weeks before a red carpet event, and it's not enough time, but we work hard – it's just a case of knowing they need to be at the top of their game.

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