'I'm at my ideal weight': Sam Faiers talks diet exclusively with HELLO! Fashion

Sam Faiers is known for her toned and slender figure, and now she is sharing her tips and secrets on her new health and fitness website Celebrity Training with Sam Faiers.

"At the beginning of last year I wasn't very well, dropped down to six stone and lost all of my curves and muscle," she told HELLO! Fashion exclusively. "When I felt better, my main goal was to get fit, healthy and strong again."

Sam added that since then, she has worked hard to get back to her 'ideal weight' of just under nine stone, and revealed how she achieved her goal.

Scroll below for the full interview and to find out Sam's biggest diet secrets…

Sam Faiers revealed she's at her ideal weight of just under nine stone

What inspired you to start a fitness website?

My personal trainers Luke and Nicole suggested it last year, and I figured since I was working out day to day, why not incorporate it into a website? They're professionals and know all the ins and outs about fitness, but last year when I found out I had Crohn's disease, I learned a lot more about my body and learning how to change my diet.

Lucy Mecklenburgh also has a fitness website, did she give you any tips?

Our websites are fairly different because we have different goals and targets. Our body shapes are completely different, although we have both always been really sporty. We're looking to meet up in the New Year so I might try and get some tips from her then!

What's the biggest thing you've learned about fitness?

That if you're dieting or trying to lose weight, cutting out carbs and sugars is actually completely the wrong way to go about it. Your body needs certain carbs, sugars and fats to maintain a healthy diet, so yo-yo dieting is really unhealthy.

Do you ever diet?

I used to go through phases where I'd cut out things like carbs, but I love food so I always found it difficult to give things up. I think as long as you keep your body going every day, even if it's just a ten minute workout, you can allow yourself to indulge. Otherwise it's too military and you won't enjoy yourself. I'm on a bit of a health kick at the moment but I do have my treat days, for example by going out for dinner with a friend.

Sam also revealed she doesn't own a pair of scales because she would 'become obsessed'

Have you ever tried a juice cleanse?

I did one with Billie [Sam's sister] last year, before going on holiday. It was a three day detox and you're meant to shift five or six pounds. Billie gave up on day one, but I was determined to keep going. However on the third day, my body was so weak it went into shock and I couldn't physically get out of bed. All of that work and I ended up having McDonalds for breakfast! Strict diets are not for me at all - I'd never do it again, I was so weak.

Would you say you're back at your ideal weight now?

Yes, definitely! Before I went into the Big Brother house last year I was just under nine stone, and I was working out and eating healthily. But then I dropped down to six stone, and now I'm back to under nine stone. I don't weigh myself though, I don't believe in scales. When I train, muscles weighs more than fat, so I think next month I'll weight more but it will be muscle. I just don't own scales, I think I would become obsessed if I did.

Do you have any advice for people trying to shift the Christmas pounds?

Cut out obviously unhealthy foods, like pizza. Then, I'd do more of a detox cleanse with plenty of water. This year after the party season my skin broke out, and I think it was because of the late nights and all the eating and drinking. So I've been drinking loads of water to flush it through. Also, make small changes so it's not a big task. Switch bread for wholemeal wraps, or eat a healthy snack bar instead of biscuits. Also, try not to eat out because when you're at a restaurant you don't have as much control – try and eat at home if you can.

What kind of workouts do you prefer to do?

At the moment I work out pretty much every day – this morning on the website I did 'Get Strong' and 'Get Focused' workouts, which together were less than twenty minutes. It's just a case of fitting exercise in – I like team sports, Aqua Zumba, or playing badminton with my sister. You have to mix it up a bit to stay motivated.

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