GHD Platinum: Meet the new styling tool

Straighteners are, arguably, the best hair invention that has ever been, and a lot of curly-haired women probably can't imagine life before them.

So as you can imagine, GHD got the beauty world in a frenzy when it announced it was launching a new straighter, the GHD platinum.

But what exactly is new and revolutionary about the hair styling giant's new product? We take a look...

First of all, the GHD platinum is billed as a 'styler', rather than a 'straightener'. You can use it to achieve curls, waves as well as get those poker-straight locks that GHD are known for.

The revolutionary new concept behind the brand's latest offering is that the Platinum actually makes hair healthier in the straightening process, thanks to tri-zone technology.

Three sensors in each plate ensure the optimum temperature for styling hair is consistently maintained across the entire plate during styling, meaning no sudden surge or drop in temperature – both of which can be detrimental to hair health and styling results.

Styling at the optimum temperature means results with the least amount of effort, while a unique wishbone hinge mechanism ensures the plates are perfectly aligned, meaning hair stays perfectly positioned throughout styling.

We also love the new sleek, slim design of the new model – count us as fans!

GHD platinum, £165, available at