15 things only nail polish addicts understand

1. You know there's no such thing as owning too many nail polishes. Despite what your family, close friends, boyfriend and bank account tell you.

2. You plan your outfits around your nail polishes. Obvs.

3. You want a new colour on your nails but you only just got gels and have to wait it out... The struggle is real.

4. Or being obsessed with your current manicure but wanting to try a new colour sooo badly.

5. You might as well have a PhD in nail polish and feel like this should be added to your LinkedIn but that's weird, right?

6. The number of dotting tools and brushes you own far outweighs the number of shoes and bags in your wardrobe.

7. Your fridge shelves are full of nail polish instead of food – the colours last longer that way, don't you know?

8. You've contemplated going back home and being late for work when your nail polish has chipped during the morning commute...

9. Because chipped nails are 100 per cent the.worst.thing.ever. *shudders*

10. You have 'emergency' nail polish in your desk at work (10 bottles in different shades, just in case).

11. Your manicurist knows more about your life than your best friend.

12. You own so many bottles of nail polish that you've had to throw away essential toiletries just to make room.

13. You understand the struggle that is trying to remove glitter nail polish.

14. You've totally mastered the art of painting your nails with either hand and pity those who are still mere mortals.

15. You don't understand how, even with the hundreds of bottles of nail polish you own, you're missing that one colour that you need to wear right now.