The most popular online dating beauty looks for men and women

When it comes to online dating, a great profile picture plays a key role in making a first impression. However, with the rise of selfies and filters, it can be difficult to determine what makes a great photo. Luckily, the team at Fudge Urban, who recently released new product Matte Head Master, polled a group of men and women, to unearth the most popular beauty looks for online dating.

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A poll revealed the most popular beauty looks for online dating

When quizzed on what women look for when scrolling through photos, some of their favourite looks on men included tattoos, a light tan, and a six pack. However 39 per cent of those polled admitted that they would prefer a man who doesn't look overly groomed or has a very muscle physique. Topping the list of 'don'ts' was a long beard, with a third of those asked revealing they were not fans of the look.

When it came to hairstyles, a subtle quiff or 'boyband hair' (think One Direction) were deemed the most popular styles. Closely following in the poll was a slick back hairstyle, which took third place with 22 per cent of the vote or an undercut, which took 16 per cent. A man bun divided the women, featuring on both the 'dos' and 'don'ts' lists.

Meanwhile, men were polled on their favourite beauty looks for women. Topping the list was a nice smile, with 66 per cent of those asked confessing that it was their favourite feature.

Almost a quarter of the respondents admitted that when it comes to beauty, they prefer the no make-up look, with almost half revealing that someone wearing too much make-up could potentially put them off.

Like the women in the poll, the men also revealed that tattoos and a light tan were some of their favourite beauty looks when scrolling through profile pictures on online dating websites and apps.