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Nails Inc launch spray-on nail polish

Nails Inc lead the way when it comes to nail innovations and have been at the forefront of textured topcoats and fashionable finishes but their latest launch is blowing our beauty mind.Quite possibly the speediest way to paint your nails, the Nails Inc Spray Can Nail Polish is genius and means you can never use the excuse that you didn't have time to paint your nails again.

Fronted by none other than style icon, Alexa Chung, begin by prepping nails with a base coat, then choose between the hot pink ‘Hoxton Market’ shade and metallic silver ‘Shoreditch Lane’.

Spray the canister over your nails, leave them to dry for a few minutes and seal in the colour with a topcoat. Don’t worry about any excess going over your fingers, just rinse them afterwards in warm soapy water and the polish will magically disappear.Like graffiti for your nails, we're wondering if other brands will pick up on the playful polish-in-a-can craze...

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