These are officially the best ever Valentine's Day perfumes

Perfume is the perfect Valentine’s Day present. But where to start? Whether you don’t know which fragrance to buy for your boyfriend or you’re single and want to wear something guaranteed to attract the opposite sex, we’ve got the answer.

While we know the link between scent and sexual attraction is undeniable, a new study carried out by The Perfume Shop has highlighted some interesting statistics. And we bet you’ll relate to at least more than one of them!


Apparently one in 10 Brits has admitted to having a liaison with someone based on how they smelt when they initially met them while a fifth of us have admitted to striking up a conversation with a stranger purely because we were attracted to their scent. Talk about turn ons!

The poll also revealed the most popular perfumes that have been proven most successful in the hunt for love. For men, Hugo Boss Bottled came out on top and for women, Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle proved to be the winning formula. Both cult classics, it proves that the oldies are still the goodies.

One thing that did surprise us though was the fact that over a quarter of us admitted that we would buy our current partner the same scent as an ex-love! Want to know what other scents will help you when it comes to being lucky in love? See below!


For Her:

1) Coco Mademoiselle
2) Dior J’adore
3) Ghost
4) Calvin Klein Eternity
5) Paco Rabanne Lady Million
6) Gucci Guilty
7) Marc Jacobs Daisy
8) Thierry Mugler Alien
9) Dolce & Gabbana The One for Her
10) Britney Spears Fantasy

For Him:

1) Hugo Boss Bottled
2) Aramis
3) Paco Rabanne 1 Million
4) Davidoff Cool Water
5) Joop!
6) David Beckham Classic
7) Eternity For Him
8) Dolce & Gabbana The One for Him
9) Dior Sauvage
10) Burberry Touch