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Can wine really equal weight loss? Apparently so…

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It sounds too good to be true, but apparently drinking wine late in the evening can aid weight loss.Scientists at Washington State University and Harvard have revealed that wine contains a chemical called resvetatrol, which works to stop fat cells gaining more fat in the body.


What's more, the scientists insist that drinking two glasses a day can actually help beat obesity by 70 per cent. Minds.blown…Apparently the calories in the wine helps you to keep full, making you less likely to reach for those dangerous late-night snacks.More evidence that back up the claims comes from the University of Denmark, who discovered that people who drank everyday were slimmer than those that didn't.

You know what else can help to stop weight gain? Sleeping. According to a study published by Jawbone in February, people who go to bed after 11pm are more likely to binge on junk food and alcohol.After collecting data from hundreds of thousands of users of their fitness wristband, they found that people who go to bed late consume an extra 220 calories per day."Early birds tended to eat healthier foods on the whole," said Jawbone data scientist Kristin Aschbacher."This builds on our previous findings that people log more meals high in fats and sugars late in the evening."We hope this paints a picture of what a good night's sleep might do."

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