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Nike's new body positive sports bra campaign is awesome

Nike is the latest brand to embrace body positivity with their new sports bra campaign *cue a round of applause*.

An ad that the brand posted on their Nike Women Instagram account has gone viral, 'cause it's great. The sportswear label celebrated body positivity by including a variety of different body types, shapes, sizes and colours.


The brand released the campaign on their Instagram

The campaign also aims to inform and educate, giving consumers important facts about sports bras and why they're needed. Titled 'Sports Bra 101', the brand posted four facts alongside pictures of women modelling the sports bras. The first read: "Most women wear a band too big and cup too small. Raise your hands above your head. If the band moves up, you may need to size down."

The campaign celebrates all types of body shapes, sizes and colours

Another was an even more important fact about sports bras: "No matter your chest size, gravity can cause tissue damage while you move – sports bras protect you from this."The third fact explained that the fit should differ from your everyday bra. "Sports bras are designed to take on more impact than regular bras – this is why the band of your sports bras should fit slightly tighter than your everyday bra."And the fourth revealed that bigger breasts need added support in the form of cupping. "Motion causes breasts to move in a figure eight, and cupped designs can provide higher support for bigger breasts."

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