Sofia Vergara’s gorgeous family to star in Head and Shoulders ad

Good looks and gorgeous locks run in the family!

Sofia Vergara has been named as the new face of Head and Shoulders shampoo, for which she stars in a series of glossy ads alongside her attractive brood.

Mother Margarita, cousins Mariana, Marianella, Rose and Gloria, and niece Claudia take centre stage in the newly-released images; the Vergara men include Sofia’s handsome 21-year-old son, Manolo, and her cousin Nando.

And who better? Sofia's extended clan clearly takes after the Colombian-born beauty, with their similarly stunning features and shiny hair.

The 41-year-old actress isn't the only fan of the anti-dandruff product, either. On her Facebook page, she writes: “8 out of 9 Vergaras use Head and Shoulders shampoo.” (Take one lucky guess at who goes without!)

According to Forbes, Sofia is TV’s highest-paid actress, thanks to a number of lucrative endorsement deals including with CoverGirl cosmetics and Diet Pepsi.