Styling advice: Adding body

Building body is essential to make any hairstyle look full of life…


* Start by getting hair into condition. Damaged hair that has become porous and lacking  in moisture usually lacks substance, while frayed, flyaway ends make hair look even thinner. Cut away damaged sections – you can't glue hair back together again. Then build inner strength and outer protection with deep conditioning treatments and any products containing protein - the major building block of hair. Redken's professional-only range can help, and Pantene rates highly in consumer polls.


* Next switch to volumising shampoos and conditioners to give hair its first boost. Those in the L'Oreal Fructis range are developed for this purpose.


* Styling products are essential. The more you use, the bigger the body. But you may end up looking overblown – more than two and your hair will probably start to look stiff, too. And there's a price to pay in shine; because stylers work by coating the hair, which temporarily makes it look thicker, they also absorb light so hair looks duller. Shorter styles will really benefit from gel, longer ones from mousse and volumising spray - although you may find just one does the trick.


* Get your hair cut. Layers can give hair swing, which makes it look full of life – not too many and not too short, though, or the hair underneath just looks even less substantial. The length of hair drags it down so cutting it shorter helps it spring up.


* Get your hair coloured. Permanent colour works by penetrating into the hair which causes it to swell. Temporary colour coats the outside. Either way, hair looks a little bigger. Just don't do it so often you end up with damaged hair.


* Don't dry hair on the highest speed and heat – you'll blow any life right out of it. Go gently, dividing hair into sections and holding it out or upwards so the dryer can get into the roots to give it a bit of kick. Dry it in the opposite direction to how you normally wear it and then flip it over when cool for real oomph at the roots.


* Ruffle through the roots with light hairspray at the end for maximum lift.