Condition and shine: Frizz busters: controlling those unruly locks

This is best done when hair is still wet after washing, so use your hairdryer carefully…


* Work while hair is still wet, rather than damp, coating hair with a 50p-size of serum or smoothing balm to prevent moisture escaping from inside that causes frizz


* Keep the dryer moving – allowing it to focus on any one spit is sure to cause a breakout. Keep the dryer close to hair, though – blasting from a distance will see hair blow


* Overdrying will suck moisture out of hair so keep stopping to check. If you have gone too far and hair is starting to crinkle, dampen down and re-dry.


* Keep hair in good condition with regular trims. Split ends and dryness are guaranteed to lead frizz-friendly hair look fried to a crisp.

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