Get the look: Three top anti-ageing tips for hair

Stars such as Joanna Lumley and Helen Mirren always look great, whatever their age. Here's how you can, too, without too much effort.

* "Hair without movement draws the eye straight down and can make the face look drawn if skin's not super-firm," says Lino at Daniel Galvin. "Add softness to your hair by having the sides graduated, especially around the chin and cheekbones. Or wear it wavy. An angled fringe is great, too, for drawing the eye away from lines."

* "Everyone feels and looks younger when they go lighter," says Daniel Galvin. "But too-bleached looking and blonde drains the skin of its colour – which it loses as it ages anyway. You need two or three tones throughout blonde hair to give it life and to 'lift' the face, going lighter around the hairline, around the top and through the ends. It creates the effect of movement which softens the skin."

* "Big, bouffant hair can look dated," says Lino. "If you want volume, blowdry sections at right angles, not held vertically – you'll get more subtle root lift. And don't work right up to the root – stop about an inch way so you get lift without a jump"

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