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Styling advice: Velcro vs the rest: which creates the best curls?

Styling advice: Velcro vs the rest: which creates the best curls?

Want to know which method is best when it comes to injecting a little va-va-voom into your crowning glory,?


Velcros are great for root lift, forcing hair to sit high on the head as it sets – heated rollers are heavy and pull hair downwards. Use Velcros on damp hair and blowdry for the best result. Even on dry hair use a blowdryer to set the hair into shape.


Heated rollers are more suited to injecting life throughout the hair, rather than at the roots, especially at the ends as they get the most heat from the surface of the roller. The results are longer lasting than with Velcros, but the intense, focused heat of a Carmen-type roller is more likely to damage hair so needs to be used sparingly. At the least, wind a piece of loo paper around the ends to give them a little protection.


Tongs are perfect for curls – large-barrelled varieties create loose waves like Velcros and Carmens but aren't so easy to find on the high street. Even then they're more fiddly to use and difficult to get into the roots, especially if they're corded. But they dispense even greater heat than Carmens, so don't keep hair wound around the barrel for longer than a few seconds.


Twisting hair around Velcros and heated rollers create curls, so experiment to find the least damaging, most effective method for your hair.

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