Condition and shine: Sun-proof summer hair

Condition and shine: Sun-proof summer hair

UV light is a killer for summer hair, leaching out colour and parching locks until they're fried, frazzled and frizzy.


The first step to ensuring hair returns from holiday as happy and healthy as its owner is to have a trim to remove split ends before going – the heat will only strip hair of moisture and cause splits to soar up the hair shaft. Then protect as much of it as possible when you're out in the sun.


Slicking hair back reduces the amount that's exposed – use a thick intensive conditioner (mix it with gel if you want staying power, although some gels contain alcohol that can be drying).


The lower sections are obviously the oldest and therefore most vulnerable so tie them into a chignon with the ends tucked in to hide them completely from sunshine. Finish with a shower of UV-protecting spray or oil. Our favourites are the professional varieties available from salons, but you will find UV-protectors on the high street.


If your hair doesn’t suit you tied back in such a severe style, add a hat or even perch a pair of sunglasses on top of your head for face-flattering height (just make sure you slip shades down over your eyes when you're in the sun as direct sunlight is detrimental to long-term eye health – and squinting helps form wrinkles).

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