It's short but sweet for Elisha

'24' star is a natural beauty

She may have spent her days as Jack Bauer's daughter fleeing kidnap and bomb blasts in 24, but now that she's dusted off the debris, Elisha Cuthbert has scrubbed up a treat with a hairdo that's pure California girl – except with a far sassier edge than the sometimes synthetic flavour of the sunshine state's finest fillies.

And it could be a forerunner of new spring trends, being far shorter and softer than the current bob shape that's still so popular and with highlights at odds with the solid colours that have spread throughout most of Hollywood's hottest heads. The short cut could have the remains of a bob shape at its edges, but has been razored through to reduce weight and give hair a light, unstructured feel, with just a little length at the back that helps soften the jawline.

But it's the colour that really makes this cut work, with caramel and honey undertones bringing out the bright, whiter shades on top, flickering through the fringe to soften the natural separation that often occurs with sideswept fringes. Paired with soft, muted beiges and pale, pale pinks on the face, it's a beautifully pared down look.