Look forward to the 1920s with future style trends

Catwalks reveal a retro version of the bob


It seems the Brideshead Revisited effect is already working its magic - as early 20th century-inspired looks have made an appearance on the catwalks for next Spring/ Summer. The film - starring Emma Thompson - isn't due out until autumn but its 1920s fashions look to be having an early impact, with the Paris haute couture catwalks showing sharp waisted trousers, overblown blouses and side-parted, wavy bobs that are beautifully feminine but with a nod to androgyny, too.

The bobs are full of movement, with Marcel waves building up volume from the outline – an angled shape that hasn't really been seen since the Eighties – but slicked back on one side for a more masculine edge.

To get the look, use tongs with the largest diameter barrel you can find. Slip the arm under hair about a third of the way down from the parting, clamping down with the barrel over the top of the hair and then leaving for a few seconds so the hair can take shape. Next, slip the arm back out without disturbing hair and reversing the technique at the end of that wave so the barrel is now underneath hair.

Continue down the hair and round the head to create an ululating S-shape. Loosen slightly with fingers.

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