Mena Suvari works the 60s look

Amy's beehive extends its influence to NYC

At an event to celebrate what would have been artist Andy Warhol's 80th birthday in New York, Mina Suvari rocked a suitably Sixties look that shows our own Amy Winehouse's appeal extends far beyond the boundaries of Camden. The classic beehive is time-consuming, but worth it if you want a dressed-up look that makes every outfit seem so much more grown-up.

Start by roller-setting hair – the heat and waves make hair expand so there's more to work with. Mena's hair is high and obviously styled by a pro who would have used a 'doughnut' over which to build the shape – a ball of netting you grip into the hair as a foundation for up 'dos.

But it does make it more complicated for amateurs as you also then have to make sure hair covers the doughnut. If you're doing it yourself at home, forget the doughnut and concentrate on backcombing to build the height. Backcomb loosely all over with a fine-tooth comb with a tail end, but concentrating most on the crown - working from the underlying layers forward and working from behind each section.

When you get to the front-most section – the one that will be seen as it will be drawn back to cover the mass of hair you've built behind, comb lightly over the top of the hair to smooth out any matting. Then gather both sides of hair back from the temples towards the back – tightly at the sides but loose on top - twisting it all into one upward coil so that hair turns in on itself as it rotates.

When you get to the crown, tuck loose ends back into the top of the coil shape and insert grips all the way up what is now a chignon shape. Use the tail end of the comb to start easing hair out at the top, using lots of hairspray as you go, but making sure to gently glide the tips of the teeth of the comb over top-most sections for smoothness. Keep on teasing bit by bit until you've pulled out enough hair to build the mass and shape of the beehive, then finish with lots more hairspray, again smoothing the teeth of the comb over the surface of hair as you spray for a smooth finish.

Finally, lightly backcomb a few strands of fringe backwards and spray into place so the front sections blend into the beehive. And give hair another blast of hairspray allover for good measure.

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