Christina goes straight with stark new look

'Beautiful' singer breaks from her trademark retro style

For the past five years, Christina Aguilera has made the retro Jean Harlow look of vivid lips and roller-set, platinum-blonde hair her trademark. The bright lips and hair colour may still be in place, but she's ringing the changes by getting out her straighteners and showing off poker-straight hair with wispy ends.

To get this level of perfectly blonde hair, Christina must have a colourist permanently on call and we also wonder if she has extensions, as hair that needs to be this regularly bleached usually begins to break off. Girls Aloud's Sarah Harding has reportedly had to have her hair cut short because of the damage caused by her bleaching regime.

Either way, the same route is used to straighten hair – although straighteners need to be kept away from synthetic hair and where extensions are bonded. Hair also needs to be layered and razored at the ends – or at least point cut with scissors – to give it that tapered, almost flyaway feel.

Start by sectioning off washed, damp hair and working from the neck upwards. Grip individual sections at the ends over a round bristle brush and blowdry downwards. When hair is dry, comb, then run straighteners quickly and evenly through the section before starting on the next. Continue this across the rest of the head, making sure you get straighteners right up to the scalp to get the flat, sleek look Christina has gone for. Then finish with serum, which is essential to create that casual separation of Christina's style.

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