Material Girl goes for curls to celebrate with Guy

As Mr Ritchie hits 40, Madonna goes girly

With Victoria Beckham and others debuting new short looks, Madonna has gone in the opposite direction with these girly curls 

Trust Madonna. As trendsetting Victoria Beckham debuts a stark new hairstyle, the queen of pop goes in the opposite direction by sporting a soft, feminine look at husband Guy Ritchie's 40th birthday bash.

In fact, with the centre parting and clipped-back front sections, it's more girly than feminine, showing the world that age is irrelevant when you're still churning out the hits.

Madonna's style is easy to achieve, though hard work. The simplest method is to spritz clean hair with water and thread into lots of thin plaits all over – the more plaits, the tighter the kink – securing the ends with covered bands. Leave to dry naturally, overnight if possible - don't try to blowdry as it will take ages. The hot air struggles to reach inside the plaits and exposes hair directly to damaging heat.

When dry, unwind the plaits and rake through with a wide-toothed comb - not a brush - which will separate the curls but allow the sections to keep their shape. It's difficult to plait right down to the ends, so go over straggly bits with curling tongs. Then finish with serum.