Hilary joins the cream of the crops

Yet another star reveals a glam new short cut

Hilary Swank has joined the host of celebs sporting new short looks by unveiling a sleek, long-layered crop  

There must be something in the stars for celebrity haircuts of late, with a record number of new looks being debuted, almost all of them short.

First we had Katie Holmes lopping off her bob to create a chic, long-layered crop, then Posh debuted her pixie cut. Agyness Deyn has followed the Kelly Osbourne route of slicking her short hair down into a side parting, a look that is proving very popular. Even Kate Moss has got in on the act by having her long blonde locks cut to a mid-level style. And now there's Hilary Swank unveiling a sleek, long-layered crop.

What sets Hilary's new look apart is the colour. While most other celebrities, including Victoria Beckham, are still sticking with block colour – the same shades of permanent tint all over – Hilary has gone for chunky highlights, which haven't been seen in fashion circles for a couple of years. And they lift the cut perfectly, giving it depth and shine as the long layers follow the shape of the head for a clean, sleek outline that tapers sexily into the neck.

We think this is a versatile style – Hilary's wearing it slicked down a la Kelly and Aggy here, but it can be blowdried over a round brush to create a full, almost bob shape, or rough-dried backwards with lots of styling product to give height at the front, then slicked back over ears to highlight bone structure. The side-swept fringe gives it softness and breaks up the face.