Posh pixie starts a trend

Crowds of clients demanding new look

Posh's new pixie look has left hairdressers inundated with people wanting the same style 

Well, it was always going to happen, wasn't it? Top British stylists are reporting a run on the new pixie cut as debuted by Victoria Beckham at Marc Jacobs last week.

Anestis Cobella and Andrew Collinge say they've been inundated with calls from clients and report that women are queueing up to get their hair cropped, with many bringing in pages torn from newspapers to make sure stylists get the look exactly like Mrs B's.

And it's obviously spreading through the country – the Cobella salon is on London's Oxford Street, while Andrew Collinge is in the Trafford Centre's Selfridges in Manchester.

"Hair has been kept long with very little definition for too long, so it was inevitable change would happen," points out Anestis.

He reckons the bob was an intermediary stage – a sign that styles would end up much shorter as people made changes to the long locks we saw everywhere from the beginning of the Noughties onwards. First straightened lengths were de rigueur and then the casual tousled look came in on flowing tresses.

"This will be a big look for autumn," confirms Anestis. "People want to experiment again. We've been safe for too long."

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