Jaeger channels retro Julie Christie look at LFW

Sam McKnight opts for big Sixties styles

Great British stylist Sam McKnight contributed to the success of Jaeger's LFW show with his powerful hairstyles 

The great British brand Jaeger seems to be experiencing a renaissance, with its show at LFW attracting rave reviews and celebs aplenty – Emma Watson and Lizzie and Georgia Jagger were in attendance.

And great British stylist Sam McKnight, who's global brand ambassador for Pantene Pro-V, contributed to the show's success with his powerful hairstyles. Inspired by the likes of Julie Christie and the era of big hair, Sam's styles were soft yet voluminous and dramatic with deep side partings, masses of volume and texture. The result was a look both throughly modern and throughly English.

So if you want to create a fashion-forward style this autumn, here's how to get the look. Start with Pantene Pro-V Ice Shine Mousse, £2.99, combed through hair to hold the style and give it bounce, then roughly blowdry.

Once dry, working in sections from a straight, deep side parting, spray with hairspray before winding hair around curling tongs right to the roots and securing with a clip.

When hair has cooled, remove clips section by section and brush out curls gently. Then backcomb each section with a fine-tooth comb, starting two inches below the scalp - gently push the hair towards and up the hair shaft to create a super-sized shape and texture.

Gather hair into a loose pony tail tied a few inches from the ends and then push the ends into a hairnet.  Roll this under the hair to create that width and shape at the bottom of the style – and also hide the hairnet. Finish with another few blasts of hairspray.