Victoria brings sleek new look to the Big Apple

How to recreate the hairstyle that brought New York to a standstill


Despite having her hair cropped not much longer than a skinhead, Mrs Beckham has managed to find versatility in her roots.

Split by a strong side parting, the sleek Cabaret-style shape that she debuted at the New York launch of her and David's new fragrances was first championed by Kelly Osbourne. Coincidentally, Kelly's hairdresser is our favourite, Lino Carbosiero at Daniel Galvin, who way back in 2005 also gave Sharon Osbourne the bob that pre-empted Posh's long-to-short conversion – a look that launched a thousand snips.

Though it may seem a no-hassle alternative to dos that require lots of styling, says Lino, this sleek look does require work.

First, hair has to be neatly cut and short enough so no straggly bits show once it's slicked down – or long enough to be tied in a pony. Then you have to blowdry hair smooth over a brush, using volumising stylers so it doesn't look unflatteringly flat.

Next use super-strength gel, maybe mixed with styling creme, to slick it down either side of a side parting. Finish with serum and hairspray for shine.

After that simply pop on a pair of skin-tight, heel-less PVC boots and you might even look good enough to accompany the world's most famous footballer!

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