Colour and care: Swimmers beware dangers to hair Chlorine from swimming pools is, along with heat damage from the sun and styling tools, one of hair's greatest enemies. So, for your hair's sake, wear a swimming cap with your locks coated in thick, intensive conditioner beneath it. They will soak up the conditioner, thus leaving less room for them to absorb pool water. And when you get out of the pool, don't leave your hair to dry on the way home as that will just mean the chlorine dries in, too, damaging it from within. Shampoo and condition immediately – conditioning is essential to avoid the tangling that chlorine creates as it coats and mats hair. And if you swim regularly, treat your hair kindly with weekly intensive masques, leaving it to dry naturally and styling it without heated appliances where possible. And always tell your hairdresser about your swimming routine when you're having your hair coloured – it could affect the brightness of the tones they choose.

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