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Tilda makes a striking style statement

'Benjamin Button' star appears with radical new look

With her pale skin, glowing beauty and an individual approach to style that means she rarely goes for a mainstream red-carpet look, Tilda Swinton always stands out from the crowd. But at the premiere of The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button, in which she stars alongside Brad Pitt, Tilda went one better than even her own usual edginess in the style stakes, revealing a new hairstyle with a surprising twist. At first appearing to take the form of a basic – but very short – bob, Tilda's 'do displayed rather punkish shaved sides and nape when tucked behind the ears. It's a daring look – and one that may relate to an upcoming film role. But Tilda makes it work with a clever colour scheme that creates a seamless blend from top-to-toe. She has kept her make-up neutral and simple, with only a touch of peach blush and coral lip tint. But there's plenty of gold highlighter to make the cleanness of her skin stand out against the ginger and strawberry-blonde tones of her hairline. And then her dress follows the same colour scheme, with orange and neutral tones. The whole effect makes it look as though her skin, hair and dress all melt into one mellifluous shape. As ever, Ms Swinton looks simply luminous.

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