Rumer Willis rings the changes with red

Is Demi's daughter 'striking out' with bold new look?

Bruce and Demi's daughter showed off her vibrant new red hair at a store launch this week 

She may be the product of a glorious union between two of Hollywood's hottest names, but could Rumer Willis be trying to assert her independence from her famous parents with a bold new hair colour?

Gary Richardson, colour creative director at Daniel Hersheson in London's Knightsbridge, reckons so.

"It's unusual for women to risk a massive change to their appearance at such an important time of year," he tells us.

"In my experience, when a girl goes for a complete change of colour at Christmas, it's often a sign that she's undergone some trauma in her life and she wants to re-establish herself – and her confidence – by reminding the world she's hot, sexy and fierce.

"But, unless there's something about Rumer's private life she's not telling us, I think in her case she's simply trying to establish her own identity – she's striking out on her own and this is an attempt to look as different from her mother, and possibly her similarly dark-haired sisters, as she can."

"It's an unusual shade of hair colour," he adds – even in Scotland and Ireland, the Celtic red accounts for little over 10 per cent of the population. "So you have to have a strong personality to carry it off because you certainly stand out with red hair."

Gary explains it's a colour that best suits pale complexions and light-coloured – green, grey and blue – eyes, personified by model Karen Elson, who is one of his clients.

"She has the perfect colouring," he confirms. "And she's not even a natural redhead – but she knew there was one inside her waiting to get out!"

He also points out that red is one of the hardest colours to maintain as it fades quicker than other shades.

"Red is such a glorious colour, it really needs to shine so that means you need to re-colour more often and have glosses and polishes put on top in-between dye jobs to keep it vibrant," he warns.

Gary recommends a brand-new range of hair colours available from January – Perfect 10 by Clairol Nice 'N Easy that permanently colours hair, with high-gloss results and improved condition in just ten minutes.

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