Kate wows with waves

Underworld star lets her hair down

hellomagazine.com We were all focusing so much on the glamour on show at the Baftas, we didn't spot the beauties who lit up the Grammys.

So we asked one of New York's finest stylists, Paul Labrecque, to pick out his favourite from the red carpet at the music world's 'Oscars' and Kate Beckinsale came up trumps.

"Kate looked beautiful with those big, curling waves," Paul told us. "Yet they're so easy to achieve.

"Part hair in the centre and then divide into between four and six sections before setting on large rollers," he instructs – use Velcro on damp hair before drying or heated rollers on dried and straightened hair.

"Wind outwards, not under, and keep rolling from the ends towards the roots in a straight line without twisting so you create simple waves that kick out.

"Once dry, remove rollers and loosely separate the sections with your fingers – don’t use a brush as it will soften the curl and bring the sections back together again," Paul instructs. "Finish with a shine spray on the hair for added red-carpet glamour."

We'd also recommend using Paul's Luxury Haircare Volume Style Root Lifting Spray, £16 – it really is great for root lift and general volume without dulling or getting the all-over oomph of a mousse.

Available from Selfridges nationwide and www.beautyexpert.co.uk.

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