Get the look: Angelina goes for casual elegance Unlike her rebel-rousing Tomb Raider days, Angelina Jolie is keeping to a sophisticated, natural look of late, with hair left flowing or simply tied back.

At a recent red-carpet event, the star managed to combine both – and the technique is simple, too.

We asked stylist Paul Labrecque for his advice on recreating Angelina's look.

"Start with a volumising shampoo and conditioner to create thickness and help build height.

"Then blowdry hair 90% dry, separate into large sections and wind each around large Velcro rollers before continuing to dry and leaving to cool.

"Remove the rollers and brush out the hair with a large natural bristle brush which is sprayed with a hair spray to set the waves for the night.

"Backcomb hair on the top of the head a little, using a brush or a large tooth comb so the height created looks natural, then loosely pin pack the top half of the hair for a soft, romantic look."

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