Fergie joins the dark side

More blondes convert to succeed

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Fergie shows her dark side with glossy new brunette locks 

As a survey reports that one in three fair-haired female workers has dyed their hair darker in order to be taken more seriously by their employers in these straitened times, Black Eyed Pea Fergie has added to the trend - although we doubt it's because the singer is trying to get ahead at the office.

Making the most of the added shine that comes with brown or black hair – light reflects more visibly from dark surfaces – Fergie is wearing her hair poker straight so it looks even glossier. Curly or textured hair refracts the beams of light.

But she's added a few strands of highlights which brings the colour to life and prevents it looking flat – which can happen with 'block' colour when hair is coloured the same tone all over.

With a couple of streaks around the hairline, the lighter shades help complement Fergie's complexion, too – such a dark colour can look a little draining sometimes so breaking up the solid colour can make a new look even more flattering.