Gwyneth gets straight to the point

Irons make a comeback for Iron Man star Celebrating the Valentino show, Gwyneth Paltrow gave her long hair a sleek makeover that immediately gave it a new lease of life.

By using straightening irons to curve hair under at the ends, the Iron Man star’s style took on the shape of a grown-out bob. Start by applying lots of serum to wet hair – necessary to get hair really straight and shiny – then blowdry section by section as hair is gripped tightly over a round brush.

Finally smooth over the same sections with straightening irons, moving quickly to avoid creating indents and damaging hair, and curving the irons under as you move so hair dips inwards towards the ends. It’s an especially flattering shape to pair with a centre parting as it brings side sections of hair forward, slimming and framing the face.

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