Kate’s new style is super-sexy

Is bed-head hair making a comeback?

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Recreate Kate's casual but carefully styled hairdo 
Kate Moss would only have to step outside her front door in her jim-jams to pick up the morning papers before starting a new trend in nightwear worn as daywear.

And she’s certainly kept an air of the bedroom about her latest look, a hark back to the bed-head days of the Nineties which makes a typically refreshing change from the perfectly coiffed ‘dos to which most celebs are adhering on the red carpet currently.

It may look mussed-up and casual, but the model’s hair has been carefully styled to give shape and volume to her fine, straight locks.

A volumising shampoo and conditioner are essential to build oomph in to the hair from the get-go, before thickening spray is directed into the roots of inch-wide sections which are then blowdried over a bristle brush that can keep hold of the hair as the sections are held out and up from the scalp, directing the nozzle of the dryer into the roots to create lift.

Use the cool shot of your dryer to set the root lift before releasing the hair. Then quickly go over random sections with straightening irons starting a couple of inches down from the scalp to keep the root lift intact. Flick the ends in different directions as the irons move down the hair to create that dishevelled, imperfect look. Then, using a fine-toothed comb, backcomb underneath each section at the roots only.

Separate sections with serum and ruffle through with your fingertips to create a rough finish full of body. Finish with hairspray.