Geri shines with sleek 'do

Singer goes for casually dressed but polished style

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Geri's casually dressed hair was her crowning glory at the premiere of The Boat That Rocks 
Geri Halliwell wowed at the premiere of The Boat That Rocks with a short, gold dress, golden-brown skin and a casually dressed 'do polished to perfection to give it a golden sheen.

To bring out the shine in hair, it's best to blowdry straight on a high heat over a round brush before finishing with straightening irons. Then divide hair into three sections – two either side of a side parting that ends just before the crown and then the crown itself, with its underlying sections backcombed tightly with a fine-toothed comb.

Use the comb to smooth over all top sections, draping the side sections back and securing into place. Finish with lots of hairspray over the top sections to create shine.

And if you want to recreate those apple-shaped cheeks that are Geri's trademark, smile and apply cream instead of powder blush – it gives a softer, more natural-looking finish – to the plumpest parts of the cheeks, blending in towards the cheekbones so you don't end up with Aunt Sally-style blobs of colour.