A-list hair in an instant

Simple tricks bring out the best in dressed hair


The Baftas television awards are coming up and celebrities across the land will be already preparing their red-carpet outfits. But there are simple tricks red-carpet experts use that we can all steal.

'Deep side partings are a simple addition that make a style look super sexy and create extra height above the face,' says Joel Goncalves at John Frieda – a tip that Kelly Brook used at last year's awards.

"Even if you just stick a few rollers in at the crown and backcomb that area, you'll get height that flatters the face and makes hair look instantly dressed," says Joel. "Hair worn down looks sleeker and more polished when roller set, too".

And always use hairspray – nobody wants stray hairs escaping in front of the paps, but just as importantly, it adds shine that grabs the light.