X marks the spot for Halle's hot hair

Actress unveils Origins of new look at Wolverine premiere

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Hollywood beauty Halle has debuted a new 'do - a striking new bob shape that's added an even more sophisticated edge to her look 

She never looks less than A-list amazing, but now Halle Berry is sporting a new bob shape that manages to be soft and sharp at the same time, she's added an even more sophisticated edge to her look.

If you're thinking of adopting a similar look, tell your stylist you want a classic Sixties-style bob shape with heavy graduation into the occipital bone at the back – it's that gradual build up weight from above the nape by cutting layers progressively shorter as they move towards the crown, creating a defined profile and lots of flattering height.

Loads of highlights – unusual in Hollywood right now where block colour seems still to be the order of the day – add depth and life to the shape which makes it look like hair has plenty of movement.

To style, the hair is blowdried over a large round brush, working in sections from the bottom up, then wound in sections again over large Velcro rollers and heated with a blowdryer to take on the shape of the rollers before cooling to set.

Top sections on one side of a side parting are then gently shaped with a bristle brush at the ends to drape backwards, creating a soft, side 'curtain' of hair that makes the cut look beautifully feminine. Hairspray's essential to hold the drapes of hair in place.