Size does matter – for celeb hair

Big hair makes a definite comeback at US gala

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Oscar winner Anne proved she is a winner in the style stakes too, opting for a voluminous bouffant hairdo for this year's Met Gala 

Get your rollers out, ladies, big hair is back – and it’s bouncy. If celebrity style is anything to go by, the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute Gala in New York proved what fashion experts have long been predicting – that size does matter when it comes to hairstyle dimensions this year.

Anne Hathaway, Liv Tyler and Agyness Deyn went all out in favour of the trend with big bouffant ‘dos. But even those who went for a less extreme take on the trend still maxed out on volume, with Cindy Crawford, Liz Hurley, Brooke Shields and Kate Beckinsale all using rollers to build body.

The key is to start winding sections of hair from the ends towards the root, twisting as you wind to get definite curls that fill hair with volume. But stop twisting about two-thirds of the way up and carry on just rolling hair around the curlers – which should be as large as possible - before pinning into place to set at the scalp, so there’s still plenty of root lift but less texture around the face.

Use a large-toothed comb to loosely backcomb the main body of the hair. If you’re going for more of a bouffant, switch to a fine-toothed comb at the roots to build real height.