Victoria’s new look proves short hair is no barrier to versatility

Victoria's new look proves that short hair isn't a barrier to style versatility, with a hairpiece creating height at the crown that's flattering to all face shapes

Since debuting her super-short pixie look last year, Victoria Beckham has still managed to ring the changes by using lots of styling products and accessories to create a variety of looks.

And none more so than her latest style, a super-sleek updo that has something of the Geisha girl about it.

But despite looking like it’s taken ages to construct, Daniel Galvin’s star stylist, Lino Carbosiero, who takes care of Anna Friel and Amanda Holden, says it’s a surprisingly simple style to recreate, thanks, again, to those all-important accessories and styling products.

Even if hair’s short and layered, Lino says the secret is to mix extra-strong styling gel with hairspray, applied to the hair with a fine-tooth comb and smoothing hair tightly back towards the crown, but leaving a section looser at the front so the effect isn’t too strict-looking.

As Victoria’s hair isn’t yet long enough to build into an updo, a thick hairband has been incorporated into the style to hide the ends.

Then a clip-on hairpiece – which you can get already formed as a ponytail from department stores, TopShop and, Lino’s personal favourite, – can be simply secured at the crown, folded over and pinned into place at the join.

Finish by mixing serum with more hairgel and smoothing over the surface of the real hair, with a quick blast of hairspray on top, to create glass-like glossiness.

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