Is this the hot new hair trend as Peaches goes cherry red?

Following Cheryl Cole's example, Peaches Geldof recently unveiled her new red locks prompting the question - is cherry red the hot new hair colour? 

It started out with X-Factor judge Cheryl Cole who dyed her hair a dark, berry shade, and now Peaches Geldof has swiftly followed suit. So is cherry-red the red-hot colour for hair as summer fades?

It may be a little too soon weather-wise - fingers crossed! - but berry shades are perfect when late summer starts to move into autumn.

They lift all but the most sallow of complexions, and add warmth to the face as well as the hair – especially as hair colours tends to look particularly flat after the drying effects of summer and holidays.

Dark-reds also make the whites of eyes look brighter in contrast, while enhancing eye colour.

It’s an easy look to achieve, as long as you work with the natural shades of hair colour that would best lend themselves to this progression – which are dark blonde upwards.

And it can be achieved with a semi-permanent, too, meaning it will gradually start washing out until, between 12-24 washes later - depending on the condition of your hair; dry, damaged hair holds on more intensely to colour - there will be only a tinge of colour remaining.

Be warned, though, even with semi-permanents, a small amount of colour will remain and the more you continue to colour, the more those ‘deposits’ will build up – which means you may eventually have to have your hair coloured back to its original base shade.

Also, red colour pigments are the ones most likely to fade so it’s not as long-lasting as other colour makeover choices.

But if you’re looking for an instant makeover that will lift your entire look, adding a hint of dark-red to your hair could make you the perfect scarlet woman.

For a semi-permanent, try Clairol nice’n easy Non-Permanent Deep Mahogany Red, £3.99 or, for a permanent colour, take a look at Garnier Nutrisse Cream Luscious Cherry Collection, Deep Reddish Brown, £6.49.