Trend alert: high hair makes a comeback

Madonna's MTV style is part of a trend for autumn/winter that sees high hair make a comeback 

We’re seeing lots of styles of late where the hair’s dressed high on the head, from Rihanna and Speech Debelle's Mohican-inspired looks to VV Brown’s rolls of hair piled ever upwards.

And now Madonna and Janet Jackson have got in on the action with big quiff-style hairdos at the MTV awards that add loads of height to the face.

It’s essential to roller set hair first, either with large heated or Velcro rollers and working in sections that go backwards from the hairline on top and downwards from the sides.

Unwind each section and, with a fine-tooth comb, work from the crown forwards, holding each section up as you go and backcombing right from the root for about four inches in length, leaving ends tangle free.

When you get to the front section, backcomb only from the back of the section so the surface of the hair remains smooth looking.
Start building the shape from the back section, continuing to backcomb each section over the one behind and using the end of a tail comb to ease out sections to fill gaps.

When you get to the front, use the comb to lightly smooth over hair, pulling all of the top section back to the crown and gripping into place so the ends fall freely down the back.

Use lots of fine hairspray to keep the shape in place and make sure you hide any grips at the back by backcombing and spraying a few ends over the top.