New star style needs a retro roll

It's one of the oldest techniques in modern hairdressing, but there will always be a place for roller setting - even when the stars are as young as Cheryl Cole, Leona Lewis and Katherine Jenkins.

At the Children in Need performance at the Royal Albert Hall, the three popstars used a little roller aid to give their styles the X-Factor. Here’s how…

Cheryl’s sleek chic
Wind just the ends of hair around large rollers, twisting as you go.

Pull hair tightly back into a pony tail, brushing through the ends to loosen the curls into waves.

Spread a little gel over the surface of hair and finish with hairspray and a fine-tooth comb to make sure every hair is smoothed down and hair looks super shiny.

Katherine’s killer 'do
Roll large sections over curlers in one direction, leave to cool and brush out.

At the top, working from underlying sections upwards, backcomb from underneath, pulling hair back and tying into place at the crown as you build a bouffant shape.

Go over the surface of the top with a fine-tooth comb to smooth.

Leona’s luscious mane
Wind sections over rollers, twisting as you go right up to the scalp to create root lift.

Use different sized sections of hair to create variety and a casual feel.

Again, leave to cool and unwind, ruffling through with fingers at the scalp to lightly loosen the waves.

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